Small Spaces-Big Love!

For almost six years now, my husband and I have lived in a two bedroom one bath home.  Starting out with one child, then adding two more, the numbers are just not adding up anymore.  Needless to say we are running out of space!  With an 11 year-old boy, who’s been quite the trooper sharing an 11’x11′ room with his 4 year-old sister, and a new baby in the mix, we had to get creative!  We were able to keep the baby in our room in a cradle until the 4 month mark.  Now he’s in his crib in our bedroom and the two oldest are still sharing theirs.  This living arrangement is only temporary with our new home currently being built, however, it’s going to be another 6 months possibly before the new home is finished.  Since a new home is on the horizon and the current living situation can now be described as temporary, I wanted to find a bed for our 4 year-old, but I didn’t want to spend a lot because of the upcoming move.  I’m ashamed to say she had still been sleeping in the toddler bed that her crib turned into prior to the room transformation shown below.  So out in search of a low cost alternative to a temporary bed I went.  I of course turned to Pinterest for ideas and inspiration.  I found that many creative people out there have made pallet beds, and I was able to use some of their ideas to create an adorable pallet bed of my own.  Thank goodness for Pinterest-am I right?  It’s amazing what you can do in such small places, and even more amazing when an 11 and 4 year-old can be okay with living in such close quarters!  I have to say that I’m quite proud of the way the bed turned out, and I think Peighton is too!
DSC_0001 DSC_0006edited
To learn how to build the pallet bed (the bed on the left), I followed the instruction on the blog “Under the Sycamore”, and then my husband had to add some of his own special touches too.  I watered down some white paint that gave it a nice white washed look as well.

The small baby bed was made by my father as a Christmas present for my sweet little Peighton.  She asked Santa for an American Girl doll for Christmas, and her Boppy wanted to make sure her baby would have a new bed too.  The baby doll bedding was made by my mother to match Peighton’s bedding from Garnet Hill and their Lily Pulitzer Collection.  Brady’s bedding is from the rugby striped collection at Pottery Barn Teen .

Did I mention there was a crib in my room?  We made this work too, but I really wouldn’t want it any other way.  Bowen is our last child, and having him within arms reach is really right where I want him!

My mom and I took Peighton’s bumper pads and recovered them with a chevron and polkadot patchwork cover to match the little cowboy blanket.  It all went well with the Little Cowboy Duds Baby Memory Book that I had her design for me from Glory Bee Baby.  Ultimately I want to add a Runnin’ Fast Print to hang above his crib as well:
Runnin Fast copy
It is really fun to reuse and repurpose things, and living in small spaces sometimes forces you to use your imagination.  The most important thing is that my kids love the new bed, and surprisingly don’t mind sharing a room!  Makes me think that when they are finally able to have their own space in our new house that they won’t like it very much!  We will see!  In the meantime we will keep living in this sweet little house that has produced lots of love and imagination!

List of Memory Book Pages

Glory Bee Baby memory books are available in various sizes and colors, with each book available with your choice of 30 or 60 pages.  It is important to know what you are getting, therefore, I have included a list of what the 30 page book includes, as well as the 60 page.  Some of the individual pages are personalized with your child’s name, making each book even more individualized and special.  As you can see from the list below, each book has bonus pages making them actually have more than the 30 and 60 pages.  Here is a list of each page:

30 page book:

1. Poem
2. Name
​3. Announcement
​4. News Headlines
5. Day of Arrival
6. Birth Certificate
7. Baby’s First Photo, First Home
8. Sonograms
9. Hospital Keepsakes
10. Height & Weight Chart
11. Identification Marks
12. The World as it Was
13. Welcome Visitors
14. Shower for Baby
15. Shower for Baby
16. Gifts Received
17. Gifts Received
18. Cards and Shower Invitations
19. Family Tree
20. All About Mommy
21. All About Daddy
22. Aunts, Uncles, Brothers, Sisters
23. Religious Ceremony
24. Early Keepsakes
25. Baby’s Favorites
26. Baby’s Firsts
27. Other Milestones
28. Events to Remember
29. First Birthday
30. 2nd & 3rd Birthdays
31. 4th & 5th Birthdays
32. Tooth Chart
33. Extra Photo Page
34. First Christmas
35. Growing Appetite
36. School Days
37. About Grandpa
38. About Grandpa
39. About Grandma
​40. About Grandma
41. Second Christmas
42. Third Christmas
43. Childhood Illnesses & Accidents
44. Mommy’s Message to Child
45. Daddy’s Message to Child
46. Baby’s Achievements
47. Baby’s Early Travels
48. Baby’s Sayings and Doings
49. Home Coming
50. Daily Schedule
51. Immunization Records
52. First Doctor Visit
53. Health Page – Blood Type, Etc
54. Special Events
55. Things I Love to Do
56. My Friends and Me
59. Special Days with Dad
60. Special Days with Mom
61. Special Times with Cousins
62. Special Times with Grandparents
63. Sleepovers
64. Photos

We hope that you find the book that you want as you are shopping the Glory Bee Baby Website.  If you have any question about a book or a page, please feel free to e-mail or call with your questions at or 940-357-1013.  Thank you for shopping Glory Bee Baby!