As promised, I am adding sample pages of our baby memory books to the blog in order for our shoppers to get a better idea of what the inside of our books are like.  The Chevron Striped Baby Memory book is definitely one of my favorites because of the chic and popular chevron design and the brightly colored pages.  The simplicity of this book makes it easy to add memories for either gender.  Perfect if you prefer not to find out if you are having a boy or a girl.  The pages are filled with lime green, turquoise, yellow, red and orange stripes and paisley designs.  The cover is hand-painted and can be personalized as well.  The first page of this book is our signature “Poem Page”.  Other pages include the Weight and Height Chart, Gifts Received From Head to Toe, Events to Remember, extra pages perfect for placing a favorite photo or keepsake, and many more.  As do all our books, the Chevron book includes your choice of 30 or 60 pages.  To order this book, go to×12-scrapbook-style

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Chevron Baby Memory Book_Page_01

Chevron Baby Memory Book_Page_09

Events to Remember

Events to Remember

Chevron Baby Memory Book_Page_38

Extra Photo and Keepsake Page

Chevron Striped Baby Memory Book Page

Weight and Height Chart

Happy New Year and Happy New Memories!

Here’s to a wonderful new year for each and everyone filled with fun, fabulous memories!  If you are anything like me, you have millions of great pictures of your children just taking up space on your computer or phone with nowhere to go for people to enjoy.  Also, I get so confused as I’m going through the millions of pictures as to which ones I want, which ones to leave out, did I print this one?, have I used that one?, etc.  There are some wonderful photo organizing websites out there such as Thislife, Picasa and Photobucket, which are great in helping with muddling through your picture files, and I also just discovered on my iPhone the option to mark a photo as a favorite and it will then be added to your “favorites” folder, making organizing your photos on your phone a snap as well.  Though all of these are great, I still prefer to have my photos right at my fingertips to share and look through with family and friends.  I can’t tell you how many times we have gotten out the photo albums or scrapbooks and had great laughs and shared stories as we looked through them, all the while making new memories.  This is why we at Glory Bee Baby are so passionate about our baby memory books, and making each one of them unique and special.  With a new baby myself, I want to start preserving those special photos immediately and share them in a book that was made just for my baby.  We have shared many of the book covers on the website and on Facebook and Pinterest, so now I want to start sharing some of the pages in the books to give our customers a better idea of what our books look like on the inside also.  Each book has art and poetry that you will not find anywhere else.  Featured today is the Little Forest Animal Baby Memory Book and the first page.  The rest of the pages are very similar with adorable forest animals and scenes throughout.
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We wish you all a wonderful, safe and blessed 2015, and thank you for shopping Glory Bee Baby!