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Movie: Mom’s Night Out

As I was home with my newborn son and my 4 year-old daughter yesterday wondering what I could do to make my day feel “productive” as I normally do, (and feeling as if taking care of a newborn and 4 year-old isn’t productive enough), I gave in to my daughter when she asked if we could watch a movie. We WERE STILL going to multi-task, so as to not waste our day away! I had decided that I would have “craft time” as well and get a jump on making Peighton’s mum for the homecoming football game coming up next weekend. This in my mind was a good project for her and would pair well with watching a movie…right??? I came across the movie Mom’s Night Out and to my luck, after we viewed the trailer, little Peighton agreed to watch it too instead of her usual request of Peppa Pig. Mom’s Night Out stars Sarah Drew (from Grey’s Anatomy), Sean Astin and Patricia Heaton. It is a very funny, lighthearted film emphasizing the stresses that moms today put on themselves, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it also included Christian beliefs and values. The film emphasized to accept yourself for who you are because that’s who Jesus loves the most. Very rarely do you come across this type of movie with these values in this day and time. Though a little over dramatic at times, the film was very cute and most of all sent me a message that I myself needed to hear. Oddly enough, the message came from a tattoo clad biker played by country singer Trace Adkins. At the end of the movie, this biker has wonderful insight as to what God expects from mothers today, stating that we “need to learn how to just be”, “be what God intended us to be”, making a very touching comparison to how a mother eagle cares for its young. He also stated that mothers “spend so much time beating yourselves up, it must be exhausting”. I can’t do this movie justice just by explaining my take on it, therefore I really recommend renting it and seeing it for yourself, I think it has a message that all moms, whether you work full-time or are a stay-at-home mom, need to hear. It’s definitely worth hearing that reassurance that just being a mother and enjoying the everyday things with your kids is enough. If you want to see a good, wholesome family movie, with some good laughs as well, Mom’s Night Out is a good choice. This was my first movie review, but thought it was worth sharing!

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